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"Sour grapes" pick on mayor after fluoride removal

Leigh Leigh It's an issue that is medical.

The absence of professional medical opinions and the blatant ignorance of the professional medical opinion that is the issue.

If the council want to pander to popular public opinion then lets put the cost of our rates on the table and let the public decide what that should be.

When they don't like what the public say and choose to ignore it then, just wait and see how long it takes them to proffer up the 'but it's in the best interest of the public....' or 'the experts say....' when these are the very things they chose to ignore when bowing to popular public opinion on the flouride issue.

What's more, they have failed to provide any professional guidance to parents on how to safely and properly ensure proper fluoride is given to their children so they don't have a mouth full of cavities in 5 years.

I suppose in 5 years when the dental van turns up at schools and says 'what the?'

It will be too late and the council will be up to it's neck in hot water.

Leigh Leigh This council will either be lucky if this review (by very qualified professionals) goes in their favour or will look like the unqualified bunch of populist google enthusiasts they are.

David Weir I'm pleased they carefully considered all opinions, both professional and lay. Well done GRC. The whingers can buy tablets.

Debbie Charman I love our new Council easy to talk to and they listen even though some people dont agree with this.

Dorothy Lewis Well im.glad that poisen is out

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