‘Sorry, but you’re going to be late for work’


THE climate activist group responsible for gluing themselves to a road and blocking a bridge with a canoe in Brisbane's CBD in recent weeks are set to cause further disruption for peak-hour commuters this morning.

Members of Extinction Rebellion have vowed to stand on roads, blocking traffic for 10 minutes at a time in Brisbane's CBD from 7.30am.

In a statement released last night, the group said they intend to use "swarming tactics" as a part of their campaign for government action on climate change.

"The basic tactic is entering a road at the traffic lights and remaining there for 10 minutes, we then get off the road for 3 minutes to let those most affected through then repeat for the duration of the morning traffic," the statement said.

"This will cause congestion throughout the city, and we recognise some people may be late to work; we are deeply sorry to those affected, but we do this because the Australian Government's inaction of the climate crisis will affect Australian's much more."

A spokeswoman from Queensland Police said they are aware of planned protest activity in the Brisbane CBD and will allocate resources as necessary.

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