Gladstone son’s maggot mouth abuse ‘disgusting and outrageous’

A SON'S foul mouthed torrent of abuse yelling at his mother that he wished her dead and maggots to eat her first, and abuse of police, has earned him a severe court reprimand.

Magistrate Jeffrey Clarke told the 24-year-old father of two that his behaviour toward his mother "was particularly disgusting and outrageous".

"I hope you are able to make amends," he said.


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Mr Clarke said the man also behaved "in a horrible manner" toward police with rude language, spitting, and he hoped he was ashamed at his distinct lack of respect shown toward the officers.

The man pleaded guilty to two counts of committing public nuisance; assaulting police; wilful damage to police property; committing public nuisance in licensed premises at the Gladstone District Darts Association; and two breaches of bail conditions.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens outlined the ugly drunken verbal abuse he subjected his mother to in front of police witnesses, calling her a dumb, slut, moll, and he hoped maggots ate her a***.

When police officers tried to detain him he began screaming abuse at officers, ****ing maggots, dogs, ***ts.

In another incident police were called to Barney Point just after midnight to attend a disturbance at the Gladstone District Darts Association.

The man was outside yelling abuse, had spat in the direction of one man yelling "Captain Cook mother **cker ***ts" and other vitriol.

When police found him hiding in bushes he threatened to kill them. And in one bail breach police found him down the road from his home with an alcohol reading of 0.28.

Sgt Stevens said he also caused $168 damage to a police car by kicking at the back window.

"It is very sad to see a young man with responsibilities of children to provide for and to be a positive influence to see you in court on many occasions," Mr Clarke said.

"You have had the benefits of fines, community service orders, probation orders, suspended jail terms and parole release to assist you in changing your ways. To bring it home to you to stop, to deter you.

"Sadly for you, you are only 24 at this stage in life the court has run out of alternatives (penalties) so the court must consider sentences that are of some deterrent to you."

Mr Clarke told him that alcohol was no excuse, only an explanation as to why he behaved so poorly. Drinking was clearly not doing him good.

Sentenced to six months jail he will be released to parole on September 5.

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