Dad turns kids against mum with $200K redundancy splurge

A COLD silence fell over the Gladstone Magistrates courtroom yesterday after a woman burst into tears before the Magistrate.

The woman and mother plead guilty to two counts of contravening a domestic violence order and one count of public nuisance.

But it was the woman's reasoning behind the protection order breach and public nuisance that saw her leave the courtroom with no conviction recorded, and just a $300 bond.

The court heard both of the protection orders breaches were with the same aggrieved, a former husband of 27 years she had separated from.

Defence Lawyer Brad Krebs said the current relationship between the woman and her former husband was hostile and the woman now suffered a medically certified, severe case of post traumatic stress disorder.

Mr Krebs said, and was backed up with documents in court, that on one occasion the husband became so violent towards her, in a physical attack he crushed vertebrae in her neck, by choking her.

The supported medical documents stated the woman had to have a disc surgically placed in her neck as a result.

It was not disclosed when this incident took place.

Yesterday, facts read out by the Gladstone police prosecutor stated at 4.15pm on August 9 the woman walked into a Gladstone supermarket and spotted her son with the aggrieved.

She approached the pair, breaching the protection order her husband had filed against her, and spoke directly to the son.

The woman pointed at one of the check-out staff and said to her son "isn't that his usual type?" pointing at a woman she believed was of Asian ethnicity.

It was noted by the police prosecutor that her husband's new partner was of Asian ethnicity.

The second breach of the protection order was on August 27, when the woman reached out to a friend of her husband's new partner on social media, the court heard.

Mr Kreb's said it was not of threatening nature and his client's intentions were to "warn" the friend of her husband's new partner of how "violent, dangerous and manipulative" he was.

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho said it was not a direct breach of the order but a "technical" breach, and noted for the record it was not violent or aggressive in nature.

The last offence occurred December 7 at the PCYC skate park, where the woman had planned to spend time with one of her sons.

However, her second son, a 13-year-old, also turned up to the meet and began to argue with his mother.

The fight escalated and the son yelled at her to "shut the f**k up", in retalisation she ran over to the son, grabbed him by the chin and said: "F***ing speak to me like that and I'll knock your teeth in".

The court heard that the husband was nearby, and called the police.

Mr Krebs said the sour relationship between the mother and son was the result of the father "buying his son's love" after being made redundant and taking a $200K pay-out.

He said the husband did not use any of the money to support his children right up until Christmas time where he went "extravaganza" on buying the son's presents, turning them against their mother.

"Since these events, my client has enrolled herself in a number of self-help counselling sessions, and through a new-found friendship with this man in the gallery. has begun to stabilise her life," he said.

Ms Ho said the woman's case had been "regular" in the courtroom and had noticed that the woman's friend provided emotional support.

She said she was impressed with the defendant's ability to "self-rehabilitate" through this friendship and the counselling sessions.

Ms Ho said while it was "not excusable" she understood the reasoning behind the woman's actions.

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