These parenting tips will help with the little problems around the house.
These parenting tips will help with the little problems around the house. Halfpoint

Some great hacks to make parenting easier

PARENTING is hard, but here are some hacks to make the process just a little bit easier. Sure, it might not solve the big problems, but it will certainly clear away some of the little ones.

Keep kids from locking themselves in the bathroom, and creating a crazy amount of panic on both sides, by twisting a large rubber band over both the door knobs. This five-second trick means that the door won't even fully close, which will stop little kids from being able to trap themselves.

Kids have trouble getting their shoes on the right feet? Take a sticker, preferably a rectangle or circular one, cut it in half and then stick it to the bottom of your child's shoes. That way your child can look in the bottom of the shoe, and see which foot needs to go where.

If you have problems with stains, pop open the vodka right now. Put some vodka on a white towel, dab it into the stain and, like magic, the stain will clear up. Just make sure you wash it after, so your kid's soccer uniform doesn't smell like a pub.

You know you can limit the amount of soap that comes out of the dispenser by twisting a rubber band around the pump? It only takes a few minutes but it means that small hands won't use up all your liquid soap.

Hate holding your struggling child while you dig a painful splinter from their foot or hand? Try this instead: Put a paste made from baking soda and a small amount of water on to the splinter and leave it for a few minutes. The baking soda will push out the splinter, meaning no painful digging with the tweezers.

If your kids are still little and your house happens to have taps that don't stick out very far, take an old plastic bottle, like a shampoo bottle or similar, and cut it to fit on the end of your current tap. A long bottle can easily extend the tap 10-15cm, making it much easier to reach.

Putting Vicks VapoRub on your child's feet is just as effective as slathering it on their chest. We know that the soles of the feet can absorb oils, but doctors still aren't sure why this works. If your little one has a cough, give the bottoms of their feet a good rub with Vicks, pop some socks on, and let them go to sleep.

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