Solar power set to get bigger in Gladstone

SOLAR SMART: Solar Power Energy owner Murray Kay says a big battery will save you money.
SOLAR SMART: Solar Power Energy owner Murray Kay says a big battery will save you money. Caroline Tung

IF YOU have a big power bill you should look at buying a big battery, it will save you up to hundreds per quarter.

This is the advice of Solar Power Energy owner Murray Kay, who said the growing renewable energy market means batteries will become cheaper in future. "If you've got a big bill and those big batteries, then it can knock your bill down by about 90%,” he said.

"If you're actually paying $750 dollars a quarter, that can be a huge, huge difference to your bill. You might only pay $100.”

Mr Kay said solar with batteries will become standard in future, with 1.7 million homes in Australia already using the technology.

He said for a coal-based town, Gladstone has been quick to latch on to solar power energy.

"Gladstone residents really get it,” Mr Kay said.

"Some of them have been doing it for environmental reasons but predominantly they know it's going to save them money.”

Mr Kay's business has gone from strength to strength through word of mouth.

His business conducts and estimates energy audits of what installing solar panels will do to a bill by looking at household appliances. And there's no obligation.

Another strategy to help his clients save is advising households to use appliances during the day to maximise use of free energy from the sun.

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