YAWN: England’s James Anderson and Australia captain Michael Clarke during an alleged moment of “drama”.
YAWN: England’s James Anderson and Australia captain Michael Clarke during an alleged moment of “drama”. AAP

So, just 462 more games to go before the cricket is over

LIKE most Australians I live for summer.

Trips to the beach, barbecues with friends, sweating at 6am - I just love everything about summer. Except for one thing that is.

The cricket.

I have managed to largely avoid the sport for most of my life.

If I ever accidentally flicked on the telly and it was on I would promptly change it, if anyone invited me to a pub where it would be showing I would politely decline and if any of my friends started talking about the cricket I would abruptly leave.

Simple really, that is until I started work at The QT.

It is usually a really great place to work; the people are friendly, the job is interesting and the fridge space is ample - but since the Ashes have started I dread going to work.

As soon as I walk in the door I can hear the unmistakable drone of cricket commentators floating across the office, the boys run to the screen at the slightest hint of any action (probably not the right word to use when talking about cricket) and any chat in the office invariably centres on the cricket.

It is, quite frankly, awful.

The only interest I have ever shown in the cricket was last week, when I asked when it would be over. "A couple of days," they replied.

"Well, that's not too bad," I thought to myself.

But I was then informed that this was just the first one and that apparently there are another 462 matches to go before Michael Clarke stops swearing at people… and I stop swearing at him. Hooray.

But I do have a point.

There are only three girls in the newsroom and after a quick pow wow we are all on the same page.

We think it's unfair and boring. Mostly boring, but slightly unfair as well.

For example, say us girls were all avid Days of our Lives fans, do you think we would be allowed to pop that on the TV every day at work? Of course not, that would be ridiculous!

And yet watching men run around in white garb with zinc all over their faces, rubbing balls dangerously close to their crotches is completely acceptable.

But this injustice is not unique to The QT newsroom - it is rife throughout Australia.

It is considered un-Australian to not want to sit down for eight hours straight and watch the cricket, or the three different types of footy, or the lawn bowls or whatever. Apart from the odd cheerleader, females are mostly excluded from mainstream sport. When is the Australian women's cricket team ever broadcast?

Not that I would watch it anyway I am sure it is equally as tiresome but it's the principle of the matter.

So, when professional sport shows such little respect for women, is it any wonder we would rather watch tripe like Days of our Lives?

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