Snipers on rooftops, hotels in lockdown: almost G20 ready

BIG BROTHER: Police officers monitor surveillance camera vision at the newly established G20 Operations Centre in Brisbane.
BIG BROTHER: Police officers monitor surveillance camera vision at the newly established G20 Operations Centre in Brisbane. DAN PELEDAAP

BRISBANE is in the final stages of preparing for the biggest peacetime security operation the nation has ever seen ahead of this weekend's G20 World Leaders Summit.

Authorities are in regular contact with 26 protest groups, including 13 who were planning protest marches this Saturday, in a bid to prevent a repeat of violent scenes which have marred previous G20 Summits.

Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Barnett said on Monday there also were approved protest marches planned for this week in the lead up to the summit.

He revealed snipers would be positioned on rooftops in-and-around the South Brisbane venue precinct as was customary with events of this scale.

"We have a good relationship with most of the protest groups and we know about the schedules that they have," he said.

"That does not mean that there will not be events that occur without warning and spontaneously.

"We will be prepared for that and we have sufficient capability to respond with the appropriate security overlay."

Mr Barnett said the G20 had a history of attracting and producing violent protest activities.

"We are certainly prepared for that, we do not want it to happen, we hope it does not happen, but we have put planning and structures in place to deal with it should it happen," he said.

Mr Barnett said the city would be in total lockdown before the world leaders started arriving later this week.

He said five hotels in the city's CBD were already in full lockdown.

"The remaining seven hotels will be placed in full lockdown over the coming days," he said.

"While we want to maintain an appropriate level of security we want to significantly reduce any impacts on those who work in the city or want to visit."



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