Thief caught driving stolen ride-on mower down road

BORN to run took on new meaning for a Gladstone thief when he tried on two pairs of sneakers at different stores then did the bolt both times without paying.

Although no Olympic sprinter, Tiam Joshua Malone fled from one sportswear store with his feet clad in a pair of Nike FS run lite brand sneakers, just days after he had legged it with another pair of stolen sneakers on his feet.

The law finally caught up with Malone months later when he was spotted behind the wheel of a stolen ride-on lawn mower.

Malone pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to stealing two pairs of sneakers on January 27 and February 7, and unlawful use of a ride-on lawn mower.

Prosecutor Sen Const Sam Pyke said Malone had walked into a sports store and tried on several pairs of sneakers then the Nike run lite sneakers, and at first he walked around the store in them.

He then walked out wearing them.

The stolen sneakers were later found at his home along with a pair he had stolen some days earlier.

Sen Const Pyke said Malone went to the Gladstone lawn bowls club at 7am on November 7 and got aboard a ride-on lawn mower and rode off.

Witnesses saw the mower being ridden along Glenlyon Rd heading toward Derby St, and one witness called police and followed it in a vehicle.

The prosecutor said the witness "cut him off" outside the croquet club, with Malone running off until police caught him.

Magistrate Mark Morrow took exception to the attitude shown in court by Malone and ordered he be taken into custody over the lunch break.

Malone was fined $1000 and ordered to pay $750 in restitution.

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