Natisha Strudwick said what she loved to do in Gladstone was hang out at Crow Street Creative.
Natisha Strudwick said what she loved to do in Gladstone was hang out at Crow Street Creative. Natisha Strudwick

#SnapGladstone: Seven things to do with printed photos

THANKS to the rise of digital technology, our generation could go down as the most recorded generation in history.

But as our lives revolve more around the digital sphere of social media, and our memories are captured to be forever timeless, we fall into the trap of having the most poorly kept tangible, physical record of our lives.

Think about when digital photography was first gaining traction and storing photos was done on CD's. Does your computer have a CD drive anymore? Chances are, you're more likely to have three or four USB ports instead - which poses another problem as there's no guarantee USBs will be around in five years' time.

And with less and less people printing their photos and more relying on technology to keep their memories safe, are we risking losing everything as soon as our iPhones or computers die?

Printing photos means you have a palpable item to pass down from generation to generation, ensuring your family's history is never lost or forgotten.

To celebrate what we have in Gladstone- and let others know what we have to offer - The Observer launched #SnapGladstone - a social media initiative to promote what we all love about living here.

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Take a look at the photos our readers shared with us this week, when we asked them what they loved to do in Gladstone:


See below for a list of cool things you can do if you choose to print your photos, rather than just surrendering them to the digital world.

1. Prints

Having a stack of printed photos may seem like a sure way to invoke clutter, but it's perfect for when visitors or relatives come into town. Keep them in a shoe box in your cupboard or pop them in a photo box, and whip them out whenever you've got guests to impress.

2. Photo albums

It doesn't matter how old or young you may be, photo albums will always be a part of family living. Imagine rocking up to meet your partner's parents for the first time and not getting shown all the embarrassing school photos of your significant other on the chess team and at robotics camp? Exactly, you can't.

Photo albums are also a great way to document milestones in an ordered and creative fashion.

3. Photo Books

If you're keen to give a gift from the heart, photo books are the way to go. Similar to photo albums, the personalised books can be tailored specifically to what you want to share across the pages.

4. Collages

Rather than just sticking to your typical printed picture in a frame, why not try something different and select your favourites and stick them together. It'll be fun deciding which pics make the cut and then designing the collage into a chaotic and colourful masterpiece.

5. Canvases

Instead of decorating your house in artwork by artists you've never even met, put your own personal stamp on the house instead! After all, it's not the four walls that make it a home, it's the people and the memories they share.

6. Scrapbooking

Like photo books, but even more crafty! Have some fun and take your time. Check out others' scrapbooks on Pinterest or take a scrap-booking class. That way you can get an idea of what theme you want to emphasise in the scrapbook. Best part? It's entirely your design. So either stuff your pages chock-a-block with cool stickers and ribbons and cut-outs, or simply stick a picture onto a pretty background and call it a day. It's up to you!

7. Gifts

This Christmas, the list of photo gifts these days is endless. Calendars, puzzles, mugs, key chains, clothes, blankets, posters, frames, and more. Basically anything you think could have a photo printed onto it.

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