The smallest things can reveal a person's true character

IT'S amazing how one moment, one small happening can perfectly - and often damningly - capture the essence of someone's character.

Such a moment - fleeting as it might be - can be as enlightening as it can be disappointing, as reassuring as tragic, as devastating as downright hilarious.

And, it's all in the delivery.

It might be a moment when a friend says exactly what you need to hear, when you realise someone "just gets you".

Or it can be that horrible moment when you catch out a lie. It is that single, powerful moment of clarity. And it can change your entire outlook.

And funnily enough, without trivialising the good ones, it's most often the bad ones that can have the most cathartic effect.

Think of it this way. In most cases, there is a catalyst for change in our lives. Any change we effect personally generally stems from a cause or something not being "right".

By nature, we tend to default back to the old "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach.

We wander along, happy enough. Or maybe not entirely happy, but in a tolerable situation, mostly functional and with no real call to change - be it at work, at home, in a sporting group or community organisation.

Now, not every little moment like this is the tipping point for a major life overhaul.

Some will be, but for the most part, these little snapshots in time give us all the chance to reboot, consider and then take or leave what was said or done.

It's easy to be congenial and pleasant when confined by the bounds of your comfort zone. But that belies the truths within a character.

The true tests come when those bounds are challenged.

It's then the true colours come out - in saying stuff we didn't mean, in things coming out wrong, in misunderstanding what was meant.


But really, if there is a truth of character to come home to roost, that's where it will be uncovered.

It's not always a revelation most fabulous, but it can be a powerful tool.

Even if it's only to provide a warm glow of endorsement, a reason to finally relegate them or just the luxury of a rueful, knowing chuckle.

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