Former Curtis Island worker loses house, turns to drugs

A MIDNIGHT walk along Kirkwood Rd landed Bradley Lawson in a bit of bother when police stopped him for a friendly chat and saw an illegal slingshot dangling from his pocket.

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A search found drugs and a knife, the find coming just 10 days after police found Lawson, a former Curtis Island worker, also with drugs and a knife.

Lawson, 35, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to possession of cannabis; methyl amphetamine; a restricted drug Mirtazapine; drug utensils (pipes) and a knife on April 3; and possession of a knife; cannabis; and a glass pipe and scales; and carrying an exposed weapon in public on April 13.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said Lawson was a boiler maker who once  had a well paid job on Curtis Island but turned to drugs as a result of  family issues, his life spiralling downwards, even losing his house.

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Bradley Lawson
Bradley Lawson

Prosecutor Gavin Reece said police intercepted a car just after midnight on April 3 and Lawson, a passenger, was acting nervous while gripping a black back pack. The driver was shaking and sweating.

Police searched the bag and found two grams of methylamphetamine, a small amount of cannabis, half a tablet of a restricted drug, and three glass pipes.

Mr Reece said Lawson was seen to discard a metal object behind a fence, a 20cm knife. At 12.30am on April 13 Lawson was spotted walking on the road carrying a small torch, a slingshot dangling from the pocket of his pants.

Mr Reece said he reluctantly gave police his bag and a knife with a folding blade was found inside, a used glass pipe and the cannabis.

"It is of concern to have someone walking around town with knives and slingshots," magistrate Melanie Ho said.

She ordered Lawson to do 100 hours of unpaid community service work for the weapons and pipes/utensils offences.

He was sentenced to 18 months probation for the drug offences.

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