Six months of shame as drivers continue to break law

FOUR deaths, 4198 speeding tickets, 105 drink drivers and 125 people not wearing a seatbelt.

Welcome to Gladstone's six months of road shame.

Today is Fatality Free Friday - a chance for drivers across the nation to make sure no one dies on the road.

From January 1 to May 25 this year three fatal accidents resulted in the death of four across the region.

And the Gladstone Patrol Group handed out 4198 speeding fines, while the Calliope Road Policing Unit dished out 3450 tickets.

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More than 10,000 RBTs have been conducted by the Gladstone station since the start of the year, with 105 drink drivers detected as a result - that's one in every 100 drivers busted.

One person died at Iveragh in a four-wheel-drive; another died at Jambin and a double-fatality occurred on Tableland Rd last month.

Gladstone Police Patrol Inspector Darren Somerville spoke about his concern at the number of people who continued to ignore one fundamental safety law while driving, as well as persistent lead-foots.

"It's also concerning to see 125 people caught for not wearing a seatbelt," he said.

"You would think that's the first thing you would do is put a seatbelt on, so 125 people caught this calendar year for not wearing a seatbelt is way too many.

"There's definitely a lot of proactive policing, which is a good thing, and you would hope people would learn from that not to speed, because if you do you're eventually going to get caught at some stage."

Insp Somerville spoke of local law enforcement's desire to today help achieve the national goal of Fatality Free Friday.

"We will be out in force to police the Fatal Five; speeding, fatigue, seatbelts, drink driving and inattention," he said.

"That will be our focus on Friday... and hopefully we will return a fatal free Friday for the patrol group.

"It's about choices. Everyone makes a choice, they make a choice to speed or they make a choice to drink drive or not wear their seatbelts, so if they do the right thing their chances of arriving safely anywhere are greatly enhanced."

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