GAINING CONFIDENCE: Seth Collins, 13 helping out in the kitchen.
GAINING CONFIDENCE: Seth Collins, 13 helping out in the kitchen.

Simple, fun food ideas to get kids cooking

MOST children love to try out their cooking skills and with Christmas fast approaching, now is a good time to get them into the kitchen.

Heather Wieland of the Gladstone CWA has shared some of her go-to favourites she uses when taking care of two of her young grandkids aged eight and ten.

"We do some raspberry kisses," she said.

The kisses are something of a delectable sandwich with raspberry jam, cream and lemon zest.

"We also do these really tiny mince balls," she said.

"The kids make them themselves, they mix them with a bit of tomato and cheese and then roll them into little balls, but you have to be there to help."

"I shallow fry them, put them in a bowl, give them toothpicks and tomato sauce, and they dip into that.

Mrs Wieland said recipes do not need to be complicated or time consuming.

"With the cheap packet cake mixes, kids can make little patty cakes from there. Then just get them to put a cherry on top," she said.

"Or pancakes - they are so easy, you just mix the flour, just put it in a little jug and they can pour a little out onto the pan."

Mrs Wieland's mother didn't allow her in the kitchen as a child.

"When I got married I didn't know anything, which is why I encourage kids to do cooking," she said.

"They just enjoy it, they enjoy getting people to taste (their work).

Mrs Wieland said her grandkids were happy when their dad came home, to show him what they'd prepared.

"It gives them the basics of cooking," she said.

"I pick them up from school every second week. We do a bit of cooking. As long as you don't make it a chore, they enjoy doing it."