Aim to look good in board shorts gets harder with age

YOU know that feeling you get when you step on the scales either at the blood bank or the doctors and you have that moment of shock?

Well I got that the other day and it was one of horror.

Last year I remember the numbers on the scales getting up to the 96kg mark and to tell you I was disappointed in myself was an understatement.

After that moment I make an effort to change my diet, my lifestyle and my weight.

That's why after I put down the Pringles and soft drink I decided to change everything after Xmas, and I did.

When I was on holidays for those four weeks I went to the gym nearly every day, changed what I ate into healthier options and drank lots and lots of water and I reckon I've changed for the better.

I now weigh in at 88kg and am hoping for more if time will allow it.

The thing is, while I go to the gym most days and run about 10km each time and do weights as well, I don't think I'm getting any benefit at all.

I laugh at the steroid munchers there who lift a house with each arm, something I certainly don't want to be.

I go about my merry way each time watching the TV or listening to the iPod and that passes the time quite easily.

My goal is quite simple: to look good enough in my board shorts when I head to the pool with my kids.

That's without sucking in my gut as I waddle into the water and without my stomach laying over the rope that ties my shorts up.

Simple goals really? Not exactly, I hear you say.

I'm at an age now that gravity takes its toll on many people, me included.

A few other people around town have been affected by this for a few years already but it doesn't seem to worry them at all.

They seem to like a bit of padding but I'm not for it.

I'll continue to waste my time on the gym treadmill and use those weights that are meant to make your arms bigger than a tree branch.

I hope that one day it will change and I won't be laughed at down at Tannum beach hoping to get Greenpeace to help me out of the water again.

It's not a good look but then again nor is Clive and Gina at a buffet.

To all those happily getting up this morning and heading to the gym for some fun enjoy the time, focus and remember you'll see the results quicker than the Broncos will see another flag.

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