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Sign up day for self defence

MARTIAL ARTS: If you want to get fitter and stronger and meet new people, then today is for you.

The Gladstone Martial Arts Academy is having its sign-on day today from 8.30am-12.30pm at 26 Moura Crescent in Barney Point.

GMAA head instructor and owner Rob McIntyre has been a passionate advocate for the sport for more than 20 years in Gladstone and said there are goals to achieve.

"Our goal for 2018 is to get more adults involved in our martial arts and specifically to empower the women of Gladstone with the confidence that comes from training in quality martial arts," he said.

"GMAA offers classes in Zen Do Kai Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai/Kickboxing."

The academy has world class facilities right here in Gladstone and McIntyre has 30 years of training, 20 years of teaching experience and has five black belts and a purple belt in BJJ.

All classes are certified and designed for beginners to start at their level, develop basic skills and grow from there.

All skills are covered equally and lesson plans help ensure that all students are getting the most out of every class.

"We know it is always easier to take the first step of turning up and walking through the door and always more fun to train with a friend or family member to share the nerves and laughs with, so we are having a very unique special this year on our sign-on," McIntyre said.

Call Rob McIntyre on 0439739619 for more details.

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