Shorten fires back: We stand for people, not big business

OPPOSITION Leader Bill Shorten has hit back hard after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull used his announcement of the July 2 election date to take pot shots at Labor.

After visiting Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, Australia will now go to a double dissolution election.

In announcing the day, Mr Turnbull said Australians must now choose whether to support the government's "jobs and growth" plan or return to Labor's "high-taxing, higher spending, debt and deficit agenda".


Turnbull calls poll: We can't risk Labor's big spenders

Mr Shorten however has landed targeted blows on the PM in his response.

Speaking to journalists from 3.30pm, Mr Shorten touched on Labor's strongest suits -- health, Medicare and climate change -- before attempting to paint the Coalition Government as one beholden to the wealthy.

"This election is a choice about what sort of Australia we want to live in," he said.

"What sort of Australia do we want our children to grow up in?

"Will this country be a country that ensures that the fair go is for everyone? Or that the fair go is just limited to the fortunate few?"

Mr Shorten targeted the government's for tax cuts he said, "rewards millionaires with a $17,000 tax cut to provide $50 billion of tax breaks to Australia's largest companies".

"It is very important that Australians understand that my opponent's views and those of his party are a real risk to the living standards of all Australians."

On the eve of the 10-year anniversary of the Beaconsfield Mine disaster -- where a union-leading Bill Shorten first landed on the national stage -- Mr Shorten drew on the catastrophe to praise those involved for "working together and looking after their mates".

"It reminds me, even today, that Australia succeeds when we worked together with a common endeavour and shared reward," he said.

"It is an Australia where everyone gets the fair go."

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