Hairdresser says shoes are a style hit

Mike Richards

Name: Janelle Giles


Occupation: Barber/ Hairdresser.


What's your favourite season to dress for? Summer fashion is amazing.


Where did you get your outfit from? It is my work uniform, supplied by Rex Silver.


What is your favorite piece of what you are wearing today? My Converse; a wardrobe must-have.


How do you accessorise? Earrings, I keep it pretty simple.


What is your favorite colours to wear? Black, grey and white.


Describe your style: Very casual, sometimes a bit girly.


What do you look for in an outfit? Comfort and a good fit.


Favorite store (online or retailer): Online - Hello Molly.


Flats or heels? Flats are defs better.


The most money you have spent on an item of clothing? Probably $300 on a dress for a wedding.


If you could swap wardrobes with anyone, who would you choose? Kim Kardashian, I just need her booty.

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