Police in race against time to stop bikies settling in

POLICE have revealed locations and membership numbers of bikie gang lairs in and around Gladstone, with more than 50 bikies active in the region.

And the region's top cop has warned that public fear and complacency often allows gangs to bed down into the community.

Bikie gangs set up in Gladstone in bid to expand drug empires

The Black Uhlans have the strongest presence, with their clubhouse at 85 Hanson Rd - in the heart of Gladstone's industrial centre - housing about two dozen members known to police.

Clubhouses were also revealed to be located at 6 Enterprise Pl, Boyne Island, home to the Outlaws, while Odin's Warriors have a local chapter at 2106 Round Hill Rd, Round Hill.

Assistant Commissioner for Central Region Mike Condon said while core membership was small, most clubs relied on a number of "associates" to aid their illegal activities.

"The numbers aren't huge, but a lot of the clubs have associates or 'prospects' that are in the process of becoming full-time members," he said.

The assistant commissioner said the crackdown was a race against time.

"A lot of these gangs exploit opportunities and move into areas where they feel they can conduct their activities with the least amount of resistance," he said.

"These gangs aren't sophisticated. They rely heavily on a code of silence or fear that they hope permeates through the community, but at the end of the day when these guys are tackled individually they fold like straw and they're quick to provide information to police to save themselves."

He said a lot of outlaw motorcycle gang members also held down regular day jobs, but still wore their club shirts at work in what he said was a bid to "big-note" themselves.

"It just shows the immaturity of these guys. They're usually in plain sight too, riding around en masse in their colours," he said.

Asst Comm Condon was confident police were making headway in their battle to disrupt and dismantle bikie gangs in Gladstone.

"Every time we encounter these individuals, it's a thorn in the side of their operations," he said.

"These outlaw motorcycle gangs are going to be under a lot more pressure."

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Gladstone police aren't the only ones targeting bikie crime, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott planning to give police greater powers and introduce new laws to target gun and bikie crime.

News Ltd reports Mr Abbott and his ministers are drafting laws to help tackle crime in the suburbs, including new mandatory five-year jail sentences for firearm trafficking.

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