Sexual offender jailed for not taking libido-lowering meds

A SUNSHINE Coast sex offender landed back in jail because he stopped taking medication that lowered his libido.

He stopped taking the drugs because he was protesting the medication he was prescribed, a court heard.

Raymond Barry Eades, 60, is a known sexual offender who befriended parents and groomed their children.

He has been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, psychopathy and non-exclusive pedophilia with a preference for males.

Dressed in jeans, a blue shirt and sitting in a wheelchair, a long-haired and bearded Eades was present at Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday when a new supervision order was made.

In 2010, Eades was released from prison but the following year he breached his conditions because he was found to be grooming parents so he could access their children.

He was put back in jail in 2011 and was again released in 2013 with strict conditions placed on him.

But in May last year Corrective Services discovered he was not taking his prescribed medication, which was a condition of his release.

He was put back in jail.

At Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday, Justice Debra Mullins said Eades had "difficulty in complying with the supervision order" because he had contact with children without approval, which was banned under his conditions.

One of the medications he was on was to address mood swings and to lower his libido. He was also on heart condition medication.

"When Mr Eades was required to produce all his medication, it was apparent from the boxes that were produced that he was not taking the medication as prescribed," Justice Mullins said.

Justice Mullins issued a supervision order on Monday that outlined strict conditions that would be imposed on Eades if he was released.

The court heard his parole still needed to be finalised and that he would not be released from jail until he secured appropriate accommodation where he could use his wheelchair.

He is on the waiting list for surgery, the court heard.


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