Sex offender hands himself in for searching pictures online

A CONVICTED sex offender, who once broke into a home dressed in a cape and mask to molest young boys, has been banned from using the internet unsupervised after he looked up sexualised pictures on CQUniversity computers.

Gladstone-born John Alexander Doyle handed himself in for looking up the pictures, of clothed underage boys, after being declared a dangerous sexual offender in 2010.

In 2012 Doyle used his own computer and the CQUniversity's computers to look up the sexualised images and videos.

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard he realised his mistake and told police about it.

Defence lawyer Jakub Lodziak said Doyle admitted looking up the images breached the dangerous offender condition.

The court heard he had made significant progress in understanding his offending, however, access to the internet still posed a risk.

Justice Peter Applegarth said banning Doyle from using the internet outright would be close to impossible in the modern world, but said the internet posed a risk to Doyle.

"We all use the internet to see what the weather's going to be tomorrow and to check on train timetables and it's very hard to get some government services without using the internet.

"But there are some people in the community who do it," he said.

In 1987 Doyle was convicted of 20 charges, including breaking into house in a mask and cape, where he would abuse men and boys.

While the pictures Doyle looked at were not nudes, Justice Applegarth said he could proceed without making a precedent setting legal pornography definition.

Justice Applegarth said the time in prison Doyle had served for looking up the pictures was an "important lesson".

"You've paid a very high price for a very bad error of judgement in using the computer," he said.

He said it was to Doyle's credit that he realised his mistake and handed himself in.

"It was a good thing that you made the disclosure yourself. I hope that you understand that you didn't make a mistake by making that disclosure - that honesty is the best policy."


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