Sex abuse victim sues state


A WOMAN who claims she was sexually and physically abused as a child, while living with foster carers in a home with nine other children, is suing the state for almost $300,000.

The woman, now 30, says in her claim she and her three siblings were put into the home of a foster family, who already had six biological children. Two of the foster parents' biological sons forced her to have sex with them when she was about 11 or 12, she claims.

After one subjected her to sexual abuse in a bedroom, he and his brother confronted her while she walked in bush near the home, forcing her to have sex with them, her claim says.

The woman claims over the next year she was forced by one of the foster parents' sons to have sex with him about 10 times. In about 2000 or 2001, the other brother forced her to have sex with him, after telling her he intended to have sex with one of her sisters, who was only five or six, she claims.

In the three years she lived with the Logan area foster family, with her two sisters and brother and the family's six children, other children were placed there over weekends.

There was very little supervision of the children, and the girl and her siblings did not get enough food, the claim says.

They were physically beaten by the foster mother for minor transgressions and given only one school uniform, which could only be washed once a week, she says. "The house was generally messy and dirty,'' the claim says.

The woman's claim says she suffered post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety as a result of the Department of Communities placing her there.

Her claim alleges the department should have known the adults could not sufficiently supervise 10 or more children. The department allegedly received complaints about the treatment of children placed into the foster family's care.

The abuse allegedly affected the woman's education and she has never had any paid work.

She is seeking $290,464 damages for alleged negligence from the State Government.

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