UPDATE: Convicted child molester Raymond Phillip Downs has still not moved from an industrial estate where he has been living for the past week.

The Queensland Times exclusively revealed last week the vile predator was living near a dance studio catering to young girls and a local primary school.

Property owner Mark Jackson said police had told him if he removes any of Downs' personal items from the caravan he could face charges himself.

"I will be getting a tow truck there today to remove his two vehicles which will be taken to a holding yard where Downs can retrieve them from," he said.

"I understand he will be returning tomorrow (Tuesday) with a police escort to remove his personal items from inside the caravan.

"I have been told he has not returned to the property since last week."

The Queensland Times understand Downs has applied for public housing in nearby Inala.

Convicted serial child molester and paedophile Raymond Phillip Downs is living in a caravan in Goodna near a dance school.Photo: The Queensland Times
Convicted serial child molester and paedophile Raymond Phillip Downs is living in a caravan in Goodna near a dance school.Photo: The Queensland Times Rob Williams


EARLIER: A SERIAL child molester with a penchant for young girls is living in a decrepit caravan metres away from a children's dance studio and school at Goodna.

Nearby residents and business owners are concerned the vile predator may strike again given his proximity to young children and the fact no supervision order or conditions have been imposed on him.

Raymond Phillip Downs, 60, had been under a strict supervision order since his release from prison on February 10, 2005 but those ceased earlier this year.

Downs was sentenced in December, 2002 to three years behind bars after being found guilty of the indecent treatment of a young girl.

But his sexual offending against pre-pubescent girls stretches back as far as 1974 and includes at least three lengthy stints behind bars.

The several girl's he molested were aged between six and 13 at the time.

Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath failed in her bid to have the strict conditions extended for a further two years meaning Downs is free to roam around unchecked in the community.

Downs told a court hearing last year he did not want to live at another address in Goodna because the "temptation was too great" as it was across the road from a kindergarten.

A psychiatrist told the same hearing Downs had not "completely lost his deviant sexual arousal to pre-pubescent girls" and considered him to be risk of reoffending.

The court also heard Downs had not completed any rehabilitation programs while inside prison and had breached his previous supervision order countless times.

Justice Martin Daubney dismissed the Attorney-General's application on January 8, 2016 essentially allowing Downs free reign to visit or live in areas near children.

Downs has since been living in a run down caravan located on an semi-industrial estate in Mill St, Goodna where he pays $100 per week in rent.

The caravan is located within 50m of a popular dance studio which caters for young girls aged 3 and older.

The Queensland Times observed numerous young girls in dance gear walking past the property where Downs lives on-route to the studio this week.

It is also located within 200m of a major kindergarten and primary school.

Ipswich Deputy-Mayor Paul Tully said several concerned parents had contacted him about Downs living in the area.

He said it was unacceptable he was living in the community unchecked.

"He has a long criminal history of interfering with young children and it is absolutely appalling he is not subjected to a supervision order," he said.

"Firstly he went to Kenmore and the public was up in arms there and now he has ended up in Goodna.

"As far as I am concerned the animal should not be in our city."

Cr Tully said he was extremely concerned at Downs living in such close proximity to the dance studio and local school.

He said the property where the caravan was located was not zoned for residential use and the council would be taking action against Downs and the owner of the property for breaching town planning laws.

"It is entirely inappropriate, if you read the court proceedings from January, it was said he cannot control his instincts and there was no guarantee he would not reoffend," he said.

"The police cannot do anything as there is no supervision order in place and he is ultimately a free man.

"I believe in people being able to rehabilitate themselves and get on with their lives, but what was said in court was very scary.

"This guy has a history of repeat offending, and I predict he will be back in jail sooner or later and I do not want to see a local kid being molested by this animal."

The Queensland Times understands Downs regularly attends a community barbecue every Friday afternoon where children also attend.

Downs has also been banned from going to some local businesses after the owners learnt of his criminal offending against young girls.

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