Scrub Creek bridge up to full highway strength

SCRUB Creek bridge has reopened after being closed since November for restoration work.

The bridge was closed to repair structural damage and restore decayed deck planks.

"Concerns about structural elements of the bridge have been rectified and a previously imposed 12.5t load limit will now be lifted returning the asset to conventional highway loading," said Mayor Gail Sellers.

"The remedial works have extended the lifespan of Scrub Creek bridge returning a strengthened structure for community use." The bridge on Mt Larcom-Bracewell Rd will be open until the new year when the second stage of restoration work is due to start.

"The bridge will be closed to traffic again early next year so that work to reinstate its approach surfaces can be conducted, but this closure will be for a shorter period, weather permitting," she said.

"I thank residents and motorists for their understanding and patience during the prolonged closure."