Scared clowns hand themselves in to police

TWO creepy clowns were wandering Toowoomba streets last night, but it was their unsuspecting "victims''  who had the last laugh.

Yesterday the official Queensland Clown Purge page threatened to unleash evil clowns on Toowoomba and it seems they came through on their threat.

About 11 o'clock last night, two men, 19, and 25, dressed in clown suits and were alarming members of the public around Campbell and Ruthven Sts.

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The duo began taunting a group of people who were battling Pokémon.

They then drove off, only to come back two more times and attempted to taunt and scare the group.

The "victims" of the taunting weren't going to let the clowns get away with their antics and began following them in their own car.

It is unknown what the group's intentions were by following the car, but it scared the clowns who then drove straight to the police station out of fear of being followed.

Toowoomba Police shift supervisor Sergeant Greg Wheeler said the clowns were concerned for their safety.

"The clowns attended the police station to get away from the vehicle that was following them as they were concerned for their safety," he said.

One clown was charged with committing a public nuisance.

Sgt. Wheeler said: "If people are committing acts that concern the public they are liable to be prosecuted for a list of offences including public nuisance." 

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