The BITS Saints stuck to their game plan and in the end were too classy in their 50-point win at Clinton Oval on Saturday.

The terrible conditions meant the play was confined to tight packs - much like the huddling spectators.

Marks were at a premium all afternoon and the Saints' bigger bodies allowed them to get in position to chest mark the ball.

In the horrid conditions the Saints continued to play in front of their opponent and were first to the soapy heavy foot.

By quarter time the Saints lead 13 to 8 in a low scoring affair.

In the second quarter the Saints took control of the match with four unanswered goals.

Their relentless focus and determination did not let the Mudcrabs register a solitary point.

Saints forward Jake Mostert showed his class in the second half.

Mostert was able to be clean with his disposals and finished the game with three goals.

Saints captain Lachlan Cameron was strong over the ball and in the air all day and was rarely beaten.

Cameron's presence on the field was noticeable.


He dominated, directed traffic and demanded the team plan be carried out.

Saints coach Allan Mostert said it was a great performance from his team and that he was delighted.

"It was our best game of footy for the year," he said. "The way we shared the footy, it was the best footy we have played as group.

"I thought Steve Pugh was best on ground for us. The Mudcrabs are not a bad side.

It is always a tough game against them, every time."

The Mudcrabs fought tirelessly all day but continued to over possess in the conditions and break down at half forward.

Mudcrabs' wingman Ben Dempsey was involved in the highlight of the match with a specky on the goal line.

Dempsey floated above the pack and took what was a seemingly impossible mark in the conditions and then went back to kick the goal.

Daniel Udell was strong over the ball all day and continued to make the right decision.

Mudcrabs' coach Joe Walsch said he was proud of his boys.

"It was a pretty good effort playing against a finals team," he said.

"We were missing some players and in those tough conditions it was a good effort by our boys who never stopped trying.

"BITS were very good and it will be hard for them to back up in the finals after this match."

The Saints play the Rockhampton Panthers in the semi-final next week and the Mudcrabs look ahead to next season after not making the finals.

Muddy affair:

  • Gladstone Mudcrabs 23 - BITS Saints 73

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