IT'S the subject of great debate amongst the driving community.

Should drivers over the age of 65 display 'S-plates' denoting senior?

For many over 65s, the idea of the 'S-plate' is plain insulting.

We spoke to four Gladstone residents who are over 65 and still driving on a daily basis.

From dropping off grandchildren to shopping and medical appointments, for these Gladstone locals, driving is still very much part of the everyday.

Cheryl Bensted said the 'S-plate' debate makes her angry.

"I don't think we should be discriminated against like that, we're experience drivers. There are bad drivers in every age group," Ms Bensted said.

"There are a lot of terrible young female drivers whizzing around in their little red cars."

Heather Wieland admits she'd rather drive with a senior than some of her younger family members.

"We have to go and see our doctor every year once we're over 65. If they don't think we should be driving, we won't pass the test," she said.

"I do think it would be a good idea though to tighten up on the medical tests."

Merle Wilson said it really comes down to the person behind the wheel.

"Accidents happen right across the board. It's the person not the age," Ms Wilson said.

"I don't feel at all nervous about driving. My husband and I still regularly drive to Proserpine."

Jean Peters is in her 70s and said wearing 'S-plates' would be public humiliation.

"For me, a five-yearly driving test would be preferable to wearing 'S-plates'."


Facebook Thoughts

Leisa Teather: I don't think it's necessary. The medical requirements to keep your licence over that age could be stricter though. Too many drivers with slower reflexes means slower reaction times, means slower driving and potentially more accidents.

Melly Cann: I think there should be a big neon sign on the roof of their car that states they are a senior, that way I can avoid them. I'm sorry but I have nearly been killed several times because older drivers don't know how to drive on the newer roads.

Tricia Van der Mark, 65 years old: No I don't think so. Maybe a later age like 75 or 80. But this should be linked in with recommendations from a special medical officer.

Shenaid Hall: Would be the same as making young people wear L-plates or P-plates....

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