Weather experts warn a severe thunder storm will hit Gladstone on Friday, with the possibility of supercell storms. 

We will provide running updates throughout the afternoon on forecasts and what you need to know to prepare. 

January 28 7.30am:

HIGGINS Storm Chasers have released this video explaining the reasoning behind their prediction that a supercell storm will hit Queensland tomorrow.

"There is a moist east to south easterly air mass which is feeding into a trough through inland regions generating rain and storms," the man said.

Gladstone is within the "high risk areas" north of Rockhampton.

South of Rockhampton is considered to be an "extreme risk" of receiving the heavy winds and severe storms predicted.

The Gladstone region is still overcast and the rain is expected to stick around today.

24 hour rain fall:

Gladstone airport: 61mm

Gladstone Radar: 78mm

Boyne Island: 36mm

Benaraby: 10mm

January 27 4.30PM:

SES volunteer Doug Savage warned that the Gladstone region is particularly susceptible to flash flooding in supercell storms. 

He urged residents to recall the "old add" when they encounter flooding over roads.

"Around here, supercells are very unpredictable, and we can expect usually a lots of rain and wind," he said. 

"So that could drop anything up to a hundred mills or even more in a very short period of time. 

"Flash flooding in low lying creeks is quite a possibility."

SES volunteer Doug Savage explains what we could expect from a supercell storm in Gladstone.




Gladstone SES representative Doug Savage has warned Gladstone residents to begin preparing for the likely severe thunderstorm -- possibly a "supercell" -- now, rather than leaving it. 

"People should start to take some precautions. And really, you know they should start taking them now, like making sure there's no missiles in there yards ... put their rubbish bins away if they are likely to be blown down the street." 

Listen to Doug Savage's tips for preparation for the possible supercell storm 

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