Tips for runners to stop incapacitating achilles issues

ACHILLES tendonitis is one of the most common runner's injuries, and can be quite painful and incapacitating.

There is a great deal of stress and torque applied to that tendon, so it is not surprising it can be subject to injury.

Of course, as we all know, prevention is much better than a cure.

But how do you go about preventing such a common problem?

The first goal you should work toward is increasing the strength in your calves.

Repetitive toe-raising exercises can really help.

While standing, bring yourself up on your toes and slowly lower yourself (take 10 seconds).

Make certain you are wearing proper running shoes that fit correctly.

Warming-up is another important technique to ward off this problem.

Try stretching exercises and then walking around for a few minutes before you start your run, and then start jogging.

Don't be just a weekend warrior. It is vitally important to exercise on a regular basis.

Try to run on soft surfaces (but not too soft) to give your body a break.

Running continuously on concrete will take its toll.

Don't forget to stretch after exercising.

Another recommendation is to maintain a healthy weight.

Excess pounds will just make you more prone to this injury.

Mix in low-impact exercises, like bicycling or swimming.

Here's to good running.

To learn more about achilles tendonitis, please contact Active Physio Health on 4972 5155 or visit the website Shayne has been providing physiotherapy services to Gladstone for the past seven years.

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