Ross River Fever sufferers share their pain

GLADSTONE residents have shared their experiences with the debilitating Ross River Fever after a local man warned of the dangers of mosquitoes this week.

Dan Croston, 22, found out a few days ago he had contracted Ross River Fever, the mosquito-borne virus sweeping in record numbers through central Queensland this year.

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He warned parents they risked putting their children through a pile of pain if they didn't protect them against mosquitoes.

Commenting on The Observer's Facebook page, residents spoke about how long the virus stays in your system, and how painful it can be.

Jasmin Donaldson said her mother had had the virus for more than 20 years.

"She still gets flare ups and it can be quite debilitating as well," she said.

"I also have friends with it many years after contracting it, and can be bedridden for up to a week or more during flare ups."

Ruth Burgess said she started putting a jumper on as soon as the temperature got down to 23 degrees, a reference to the arthritis-like symptoms that can come with the virus.

"I also got arthritis from it, and migraines and other debilitating symptoms," she said.

"I have good days and bad days. The heat affects me badly and if I start sweating, I get heart palpitations."

Narelle Nuffer said it was something she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy.

"I had it 22 years ago and could not move for eight months. It still shows in blood tests.

"Please keep yourself smothered in mozzie repellant," she said.

"They told me I had a worse reaction because I was from New South Wales and had never been exposed to it, so travellers beware."

Kylie Randle backed pleas for parents to protect their children.

"My son contracted it in October 2014. He is 14 and to see the pain, suffering and chronic fatigue he has endured…

"I advise all locals to protect themselves."

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