Rolf Harris accused of pinning 18-year-old against wall

A BRITISH holidaymaker feared she was going be raped by Rolf Harris after he persuaded her to join him in the back room of a Maltese bar after she admired his artwork based on the hit song 'Two Little Boys', a court has heard.

The entertainer suggested the 18-year-old joined him to look at other paintings before he pinned her against the wall, started kissing her, and put his hand inside her clothes, Southwark Crown Court was told.

The woman - who had chatted happily with Mr Harris about art moments before - said that he suddenly stopped the alleged attack, cuddled her and apologised for what had happened, the woman told the hearing.

"I was just in shock really," said the woman who was on holiday with her boyfriend at the time of the attack in 1970.

"I was happy that that was it. I thought I was going to be raped. I didn't know what I thought, to be honest. I probably thought more about it afterwards than when I was there."

She told the court that she had felt "flattered" with his first "slobbery" kiss but said that she did not know what to do. "It wasn't very nice," she said. "I was more shocked than anything."

The woman - one of three women who gave evidence against the 84-year-old entertainer yesterday - said that they met when she went for help to a bar after her boyfriend cut his foot on the seashore.

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