Rockhampton man found with illegal sex shop powder

BRENNAN John Johnson just wanted to have a good time.

But he probably should have reached for something else on the shelf of a Rockhampton adult store instead of illegal substances.

According to police prosecutor Senior Constable Manon Barwick, Johnson, a 48-year-old Rockhampton labourer, bought two types of illegal substances known as Methiopropamine and 2-Aminoindane from a Rockhampton adult store with a desire to increase his sexual performance.

Snr Const Barwick told the Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday that Johnson was found by police on April 17 at 12.20am when he was sitting in his car at the duck pond in Delenlyon St, Gladstone.

Snr Const Barwick said police conducted a search of Johnson's vehicle with his permission where they found the two substances and a pipe.

"Johnson told police he had purchased the substance from an adult sex shop in Rockhampton and he purchased the substances as he believed it would increase sexual performance," Snr Const Barwick said.

But the drugs were nothing but a downer, according to Johnson's defence lawyer Matthew Heelan who told the court the drugs didn't have "the desired effect" or any effect at all on Johnson.

Mr Heelan, who described the incident as "bizarre circumstances," also told the court Johnson had admitted to smoking the substance some time before he was searched by police and had prior history of being a "casual cannabis user".

Johnson pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing dangerous drugs and one charge of possessing utensils.

He was sentenced to 60 hours' community service.

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