Rocky has eyes on unseating Gladstone as industry capital

WITH our port, rail infrastructure and back up industries, Gladstone's Mayor says it's clear we are the resources capital.

But being the beef capital isn't enough for Rockhampton's Mayor, who wants to cement her region as a major service point for the mining and resources industry, by sponsoring a major industry expo.

And it's no wonder when the slice of the pie is a record $37.9 billion spent by minerals and energy companies in Queensland last financial year according to new figures from the Queensland Resources Council.

The expo is being held in Rockhampton next March as organisers say Gladstone doesn't have the convenience or accommodation that Rocky offers.

Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow claimed it was more affordable for mining-related companies to do business in her town than in Mackay or Gladstone.

She said she was certain that more mining-related business would move to Rockhampton during the next boom cycle.

"I'm here to say Rockhampton has got everything that anyone would want and we're more affordable so we can put what we've got on the table," she said.

Cr Sellers said the number of industry and mining-related companies already in the Gladstone region indicated we were the better choice.

"We've got one of the best ports in the world, the water, the rail links, the backup industries and we've certainly got the amount of infrastructure being built at the moment," she said.

"Why wouldn't you come to Gladstone?"

Australian Events director Bob Caroll said Gladstone played a vital role but Rockhampton had more to offer for the event.

"We also know a Perth-based company held an event (recently in Gladstone) and didn't do a terribly good job - we didn't want to be confused with that," he said.

"Three years ago there was no suitable venue that could cope...we want to involve Gladstone a lot but it's just the way things have evolved."

The minerals and energy sector

  • $37.9 billion cash injection into Queensland in 2012-13
  • Worth $1 from every $4 of Queensland's economy
  • Almost one in every five jobs
  • Oil and gas had a 31% share
  • Metals contributed 14%

- Queensland Resources Council

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