Zachariah Russell
Zachariah Russell Paul Broben

Rocky boys make X-Factor boot camp

CONFIDENCE and a strong brotherly bond got Rockhampton brothers Zachariah and Aaron Russell through to the boot camp round of The X-Factor last night.

Sibling rivalry was obviously not a problem for the pair as they hugged it out before taking the stage.

The brothers made it through the audition stages with renditions of Superstitious by Stevie Wonder and Slide by The Goo Goo Dolls respectively.

Zach, who got through with a unanimous "yes" from the judges, and Aaron, who was one "yes" short, received high reviews for their performances.

Earlier this week when The Morning Bulletin spoke to Zach, 22, who is in Sydney, he was a little nervous about seeing his performance on television.

During the competition he has been staying in Sydney with his girlfriend, who is a fellow contestant.

Zach said he was also living with fellow contestant Trent Bell, who entered The X-Factor last year and lost at boot camp to Johnny Ruffo, and was enjoying his time there.

He and Aaron auditioned at The Gold Coast in April and weren't allowed to say how far they were in the competition at this stage.

The former Heights College student said he had flown back on the odd occasion for brief visits.



  • Former Heights College students
  • Have been in the music industry for about three years
  • Were supported by younger brother and sister and mum and dad
  • Both in their early 20s.

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