Armed robber should have stayed in jail: judge

GLADSTONE'S Laban Calib Petera Perry should never have been released from prison unsupervised.

Maybe then he wouldn't have found himself in a Brisbane car park with a knife down his pants, demanding money from an innocent man, a Rockhampton judge said in court yesterday.

Perry, 21, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court to one count of armed robbery.

The court heard Perry and a mate followed the 24-year-old victim from a shopping centre to a nearby train station about 4pm on February 17 last year.

The victim had just finished work and picked up his pay.

The pair confronted him, demanding his phone, money and identification.

The court heard Perry raised his jumper to reveal a small kitchen knife tucked into his pants.

The victim tried to run away, but was chased and pulled to the ground by Perry's co-offender.

The victim handed over about $360 in cash, before getting on a train and calling 000.

An impact statement tendered to the court revealed the victim failed two university subjects after the attack.

The court heard Perry was on a suspended sentence at the time for a grievous bodily harm offence.

Defence barrister Tom Polley said his client had an unfortunate childhood and started using drugs at the age of 13.

By 17, he was using methamphetamines daily.

The court heard Perry had worked at Queensland Alumina Limited in Gladstone for 18 months.

Judge Paul Smith said he was clearly capable of being a decent citizen.

He activated the suspended sentence and sentenced Perry to a further two years for the robbery.

Perry will be eligible for parole on November 4 next year.

His co-offender was sentenced to three years.

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