Australian Regional Media photojournalist Stuart Cumming has finished a week of filing stories from Turkey, as a part of coverage of Anzac Day centenary commemorations.

Stuart will file an online blog from each of his days in Gallipoli, and will also reflect back on the diaries 100 years ago of Australian solder Vivian Henry Noble.

Day 7, April 26: Sunday

 The day of rest. It actually started with a mad rush to get the copy in that I had fallen asleep before filing.

Internet apparently knows when it is the weekend and measures its workload accordingly. But the problem was sorted before it became a disaster.

I’ve backed slower horses than this timber donkey.
I’ve backed slower horses than this timber donkey. Stuart Cumming

The ruins of Troy were my focus today and after a long wait I got a bus (timetables differ from usual on Sundays) that took me to where Achilles got shot in the heel. It was incredible.

On the way back I had a conversation with a Turkish student. He gave me a breakdown of the religious groups in Turkey, those being predominantly Muslim.

His view was that it didn't matter what religion you put your faith in, the only thing that you would be judged by would be your deeds.

I told him that was fair enough.

This evening I dined with my New Zealand friends, handing them back the equipment I borrowed and swapping tales of Anzac services. 

Seafood is one of Canakkale's many endearing features.


Early start tomorrow. Hopefully the baggage handling gods shine down on my backpack and bless it through the four airports to be waiting for me at the Brisbane terminal.

Comparing my days to what Vivian Noble was enduring makes me very grateful I was born 100 years later than him.


Monday April 26, 1915: Had a good breakfast and we were then taken to the "Lutzow" a New Zealand transport with the Headquarters staff on board and they gave us a good time. Everything right. Feeling good.


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