"Narrow miss": Dashcam footage of cycler's daring move

FEW people are born with a death wish but one cyclist in Gladstone, who careered through an intersection and narrowly missed getting hit by two cars, may have one.

Dr Vineeth Chippada captured the near miss on his dash-cam as he pulled up at the Glenlyon Rd and Derby St intersection.

He said the "hefty" looking cyclist was "flying" down Breslin St when cars stationary in both directions started to accelerate after getting the green light.

"(The cyclist) looked quickly my way and then the other way and I'm not quite sure if it registered but the signal was red for him," Dr Chippada said.

"In the head-on traffic another car was rolling through and the cyclist narrowly missed that car and then sandwiched himself between the first and second cars ahead of me."

Dr Chippada said he believed the man travelled through the intersection about 30kmh.

In footage captured by his dash cam, viewers can see the traffic lights change and the cyclist move past one car before dangerously slipping between two more.

The man appeared to wearing a helmet, Dr Chippada said.

"It's hard to say if he was being a daredevil or his mind was zoned out because he did look my way and decided not to brake," Dr Chippada said.

"He pretty much went through like nothing happened ... I don't even know if he realises how lucky he is."

As someone who has worked in hospital emergency departments, Dr Chippada said he often saw the result of people being struck by cars.

"Complications can range from minor abrasions to trauma involving multiple fractures and organs and head injuries...varying in severity from a concussion to permanent brain damage or death," he said.

Although this cyclist was lucky on Monday, Dr Chippada said it was important to remember to drive safely "because we don't know what others are going to do".

*You can subscribe to Dr Chippada's YouTube account at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCqJTh9E6rn_0WI19dnOO9Q

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