Surfrider Foundation Australia's Capricorn Coast branch hosted the inaugural Five Rocks Clean Up s.
Surfrider Foundation Australia's Capricorn Coast branch hosted the inaugural Five Rocks Clean Up s. John McGrath

Ripple effect of podcast craze hits Central Qld

THE Great Barrier Reef, Shoalwater Bay, Fitzroy River and other Central Queensland waterways and great natural environment habitats are the focus of a new podcast.

In a time where technology is providing us ample avenues to get news and information 'fixes' at the push of buttons, it comes as no surprise that Central Queensland not-for-profit organisation - Fitzroy Basin Association - has tapped into one of these resources to inform people interested in our local waterways.

The timing of the release of this podcast works well as the second season of the War on Waste ABC program started last week, and Q&A's theme last week was about rubbish, consumerism and recycling - the theme of the FBA's second episode.

Not-for-profit Central Queensland environment protection organisation, Fitzroy Basin Association, has launched its own podcast.
Not-for-profit Central Queensland environment protection organisation, Fitzroy Basin Association, has launched its own podcast. Fitzroy Basin Association

FBA communications coordinator and podcast brain-child Ebony Battersby said the three episode podcast came out of planning for a five-year project, Caring for Creeks, which involved 29 community groups.

She said she wanted to get the different voices of the people involved in the project out into the community somehow and that's where the podcast platform became ideal.

Ms Battersby said podcasts allow for more discussion and information to get out to people than what can be put into a Facebook post, newspaper article or television news story, which was why they were ideal for this project.

She said a podcast was also ideal as it is a growing median.

"I did all of the recording and interviews and then sent it to a production company in Melbourne to put it together,” Ms Battersby said.

"I see the value, particularly in our region where people commute every day and can be time poor. Podcasts allow people to multi-task.”

Why podcasts are popular:

  • You learn interesting facts and get hooked on popular discussions
  • You can listen to them while you are doing housework, walking, at the gym or driving
  • You can listen to just about any topic - from economics to mental health to cooking, art, minimalism, and comedy
  • They are free (at the moment) - with some podcasts series having extra episodes that you have to pay for
  • Advertisements are generally at the beginning or end of episodes, so you don't get interruptions.

The second 'The Ripple Effect' podcast talks about litter and reusing it for a sustainable environment.

The second podcast covers a discussion with Surfrider Foundation Capricorn Coast branch president John McGrath said about clean ups Farnborough Beach and the Capricorn Coast seeing one tonne pontoons washing up on the beach from Bundaberg and Brisbane floods years ago.

"They sit just under the water's surface, creating safety hazards for boaties,” Mr McGrath said.

Mr McGrath said during the 2017 clean up of Nine Mile Beach, there was a dead whale entangled in a net.

"It's a pretty visually striking... and on the nose as well... strikingly reminder of what are we doing, humanity, discarding bits of nets because we can't untangle them .... or whatever's going on... we are in a very wasteful kind of society,” he said.

Mr McGrath said people were ignorant or didn't care about the downstream impacts of letting rubbish such as a big net loose.

"But those impacts are very real,” he said.

"Humans are having a very gigantic impact out in the marine industry and we need to do something, however we can.”

Mr McGrath said a global solution is needed. the debris washing up on Australia's shores isn't just debris from the sunburnt country - its also coming from other countries.

This episode also talks with Amber Countryman - an artist who uses discarded materials to create works that tells stories or promotes the message that we need to look after our environment and stop polluting it with rubbish.

"I think I am making some kind of difference,” she said.

The first episode of The Ripple Effect covers pest animals such as feral pigs and foxes and how feral animal management is conducted in this region, along with tips for landowners.

The third episode, yet to be released, is about revegetation.

Ms Battersby said the title of the podcast, The Ripple Effect, not only reflected the project the podcast was funded under - the Caring for Creeks project funded by the National Landcare Program - but also worked in well with FBA's overall work of having a positive ripple effect on the CQ environment.

She said she had left the window open for a season two, depending on the success of the first season.

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