REVEALED: The 'big thing' you must see at Benaraby

IT WAS THIS BIG: Sculptor Chris Vassallo from Lump Sculpture has spent months working on the new installation in Benaraby.
IT WAS THIS BIG: Sculptor Chris Vassallo from Lump Sculpture has spent months working on the new installation in Benaraby. Mike Richards GLA280617FRNT

THE region's newest 'big thing' is already stopping cars on their way through Benaraby.

A pair of big hands and a big barramundi is the big statement holding special significance to the region.

Sculptor Chris Vassallo said the big sculpture - 'It Was That Big' - was a generous gift to the community from Martin Spinks which has been in the making since March.

The big sculpture touches on the region's aluminium industry, hands on work and fishing culture. 

"It's big workers hands with rusted material, red earthy colours of the area and the aluminium barramundi is tying the two large faceted hands together," Mr Vassallo said.

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Mr Vassallo said the hands were 3D modelled then individually, 226 pieces in each hand were welded together.

"It's the gel, what glues the community together ... it's about what people like to do on the weekend, this (sculpture's) been perfect for that," he said.

Ten people worked on the sculpture continuously in Melbourne before it was trucked up to Benaraby this week.

Mr Vassallo said they had also worked on big sculptures for China and America.

Costing more than $100,000, developer Mr Spinks said the sculpture was not completely finished.

"The lighting will certainly give a different meaning at day from night, it's almost better at night than it is at day," he said.

"It's quite an interactive piece with special significance.

"We're pretty proud of what it is and we're keen to see the public interact with it."

The official launch of the big sculpture will take place in a couple of weeks time and Mr Spinks said the full story behind the sculpture would then be revealed.

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