IS A private or public education better?

We asked Gladstone region mums to see what they think.

The response was divided - some parents said public offered all their children need, while other said the smaller student to teacher ratio was better at private.

Gladstone mum Anita Lyon said public schools provide everything her children need.

Meanwhile, Elise Gibson, who has two children, plans for both of them to attend private schools.

Online parents were just as divided.

Sarah Holzheimer, who has experienced both private and public, said she preferred public.

Sceptical at first, Ms Holzheimer cried at the public school principal's desk during the interview.

"We had our doubts, and I cried at the Principal's desk during an interview - I just wanted what was best for my children," she said.

"Needless to say, we ended up at a public school & could not possibly be happier with the results.

"Everything from communication, to my child's individual response, their teaching techniques and passion for their job. We've thrived in a public environment & they work hand in hand with tutoring and outside school activities. Could not be happier," she wrote on The Observer's Facebook page this week.

Here's what else you had to say online:

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