Resident thought earthquake was a "big truck” passing by

AN earthquake off the coast of Airlie Beach and a meteor passing by on Monday night started a discussion into what actually happened and if residents felt it.

A meteor lit up the skies of Gladstone and was spotted across Central Queensland - including as far south as the Sunshine Coast.

Natalie Hubon: Right in the heart of Mackay and I felt it, but i think it blew a transformer as there was the biggest bang I've ever heard and then smoke.

Ange Nixon: House vibrated and all security lights came on outside - my daughter felt it (Bucasia).

Jolanda Harrison: Felt it in the office I thought it was a big truck passed on Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale.

Tanya Mayfield Evans: Kuttabul yes, dogs went nuts.

Sarah-Jane Thompson: Didn't feel this one at all -- not like last one.

Tara Goli: We felt it Andergrove.

Jazzmyn Pinchie: No, nothing felt by me at Mount Pleasant.

Sally Octrin: I saw bit bright light like a massive close shooting star but no tremor.

Treacy Egerton: I felt little bit at Blacks Beach.

Sheena Hayes: Felt it in South Mackay.

Chantele Hoey: Felt something, I thought it was one of my boys running through the house.

Leonie Lovell: Funny that, I muted the TV thinking what was that and thought it must have been the TV but obviously not.

Sam Anne Spencer: The shop shook a little at BP Cannonvale.

Karla Middleton: My house shook at Jubilee it's kept me awake.

Pam Ashdown: I felt it and so did the cat.

Linda Forrester: We felt it near Centro (Whistunday Plaza, Cannonvale).

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