Reservoir to destroy landscape

RESIDENTS fear a concrete reservoir will be situated at the headland ridgetop at the Town Of 1770, destroying the natural landscape.

Gladstone Regional Council (GRC) has plans to erect the reservoir, which is 20 metres wide and five metres high at the Sir Joseph Banks Conservation Park.

Resident Peter Bergman said residents were not opposed to the tank, however, they were against the structure's potential high visibility from the ocean or eastern side.

“This contradicts GRC's own town plan for 1770 which recognises the importance of the preservation of the iconic natural landscape,” he said.

Mr Bergman hopes council will consider constructing the reservoir so it is mostly below the ground.

Resident Lyn Dau said the Town Of 1770 was a special area.

“It's heritage listed and it's a conservation park. It's important we keep it looking as natural as possible,” she said.

“We have not been successful in obtaining the information we want just to make sure that it's as hydraulically possible to make sure it's near the ground.”

She said the reservoir would affect all residents.

“Seventeen Seventy is a small area so we are all going to be impacted by it,” she said.

GRC said its infrastructure services department was working closely with the Department of Environment and Resource Management to minimise the visual impact of the planned reservoir at the Town Of 1770.

“The effort to minimise the visual impact of the project is indicative of council's policy to preserve as much of the area's heritage landscape as is possible,” the spokesperson said.

Council and DERM are investigating various design options, including the current design which cuts between two to three metres into the hillside in order to minimise the reservoir's protruding height.

The spokesperson said the reservoir site was selected due to its high vantage point which enabled adequate pressure for the project's reticulation system to operate effectively.

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