Mt Larcom.
Mt Larcom. Mike Richards

RESCUE: 18 SES workers, paramedics save Mt Larcom hiker

EIGHTEEN State Emergency Service volunteers came to the aid of a 16-year-old girl stranded at the top of Mt Larcom yesterday evening.

At 4.50pm on Saturday, members from four different Gladstone region SES groups were called by Queensland Ambulance Services for assistance after it became clear three attending paramedics simply wasn't enough for a mountain-top retrieval..

Mt Larcom SES group leader John Moynihan said the Calliope, Mt Larcom, Gladstone and Boyne/Tannum SES groups all responded to the call to help the teenager down from the mountain's walking track.

"She had some kind of leg injury is all we knew at the time," Mr Moyhnihan said.

The rescue mission took about 4 hours, with both SES volunteers and the three paramedics leaving the area at 11pm.

"Workers had to help her walk down the mountain ... obviously it is quite hazardous terrain for our people so was had them rotate in shifts," the SES group leader said.

"We had four people stay at the bottom, some went all the way to the top and some went halfway up ... that way we were able to rest them as they came down."

Once the team of rescuers finally arrived back at the base of the mountain, the girl's leg was assessed by paramedics.

The patient was not taken to hospital, a QAS media spokesman said.

"She was having knee pain," he said.

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