EMISSIONS targets remain a political hot topic as senator and minister for resources Matt Canavan joined member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd in Gladstone today.

Recently released updated independent modelling by Dr Brian Fisher on Labor's 45 per cent emissions reduction and 50 per cent renewable targets found the most restrictive scenario studied could reduce coal's share of the energy mix from 62 per cent to 16 per cent by 2030.

Mr Canavan said the targets would see the closure of the Gladstone station within 10 years and Callide B and Stanwell power stations in the next 8-16 years.

He said this would come at the cost of 605 Flynn workers.

"What this modelling shows is to reach that 45 per cent emissions target... 13 coal-fire power stations will have to shut around Australia, including three here in the electorate of Flynn," Mr Canavan said.

"That would cruel Central Queensland of cheap and affordable power and cruel the manufacturing industry of our region if we lost these coal fire stations."

Mr O'Dowd said thousands of jobs could be lost from the Queensland Alumina plant, Boyne Smelters and Yarwun alumina plant.

"Gladstone's success was built on two key things - affordable and plentiful power and the people who work in the industries, which were only made possible because of that cheap energy," Mr O'Dowd said.

Mr Canavan denied comments from the Labor party likening the report to propaganda.

Labor candidate for Flynn Zac Beers said power station operators he had spoken to had not raised concerns about the ALP policy.

He said coal fire power was an "important" part of the energy mix.

"We know we need reliable, dispatch-able, base-load power," Mr Beers said.

"Right now the coal fire power stations in our region here, which are some of the youngest in the country, are so important to our energy grid and so important to our energy mix that they're going to be here for many years to come.

"I can't speak for the State Government who owns two of those power stations.

"I can't speak for NRG who owns the privately owned one.

"But in the conversations I've had they're making significant investments in maintenance and significant maintenance in overhauls to make sure they keep those plants running at the maximum capacity because they know how important it is.

"We know with long-term contracts in place with industry around town here, those power stations are going to be here for years to come."

The ALP's costings on the emissions target are yet to be released.

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