Drug user risks bouncing between courts and jail

A GLADSTONE magistrate told drug user James Alfred Simpson he was quite troubled that the offender had twice been caught by police within days.

The magistrate warned that if the young man continued his illicit drug use, his life could become a sad story of bouncing between the courts and jail.

Simpson, 24, went before magistrate Jeffrey Clarke and pleaded guilty to a group of drug offences including possession of dangerous drugs and drug utensils, possession of property suspected of being used in a drug offence, and having money suspected of being drug proceeds. Police withdrew a charge of producing dangerous drugs and it was dismissed because no evidence was offered.

Police prosecutor Nina Sulzer said police found cannabis in a kitchen cupboard and drawers, water pipes, $615 cash, clip seal bags and a set of digital scales at a South Gladstone house on February 26.

On March 6 at a unit where Simpson was staying, cannabis was found in his pants.

Mr Clarke told Simpson an important charge had been dropped "but what troubles me is that you got caught twice in a short space of time".

He said Simpson had many items that people who got into drug use had when they started sharing or selling drugs to fund their habit.

"Experience indicates a lot of users become sellers, indicative of the sad situation they get into," he said.

Simpson was placed on a probation order of nine months and will be subject to drug testing and treatment for drug use.

A conviction was not recorded, with Mr Clarke saying it was a chance for Simpson to put behind him his offending and be a productive member of the Gladstone community.

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