Rep match has players all fired-up

AFTER a scratchy beginning to the local cricket season last weekend, six of The Glen's top cricketers are ready to drastically improve their form this weekend, stepping out to play for the Central Queensland representative side against Mackay.

Jason Seng and Hayden Warwick are two of these players, and are preparing themselves with the aim of having a noticeable impact.

The struggles of last week put well behind him at training during the week, Seng is keen to take the field as vice-captain of the Opens side, and is looking to be one of the players selected for North Queensland Country.

"I played last year in the North Queensland side; there should be a few looking at it, but we have to win games," Seng said.

Which has been the trouble for the CQ side in the four years Seng has been back in Gladstone and playing representative cricket.

But the vice-captain and all-rounder believes the tide is about to turn.

"This is the best team we have had on paper, but that doesn't mean anything yet," he said.

"We are all playing good, and are fit though."

Confident of getting the win in a match where each side will have 100 overs to bat, Seng will take to the Rockhampton pitch keen to make a difference.

Warwick, 17, is in a similar situation in terms of past results, and is not sure who will be lining up with him for the Under-19s match.

He is keen though to rid the demons still in his head following a savagely broken thumb when he was wicket-keeping last season.

"I have represented CQ for five or six years; we have not won much, but hopefully this year we change it," Warwick said.

"I will be keeping. I have just come back from a broken thumb - I had a couple of bolts and screws.

"I am still a bit iffy."

The Opens, Under-19s and Under-17s CQ sides all battle Mackay in Rockhampton today and tomorrow.



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