Refreshed and ready to tackle new year on the radio

IN SIX days time I'll be heading back to work.

By Monday I will have had nearly four weeks off re-charging the batteries as we get ready for what will be an amazing, life-changing year.

There's plenty in store for this little duck for this year and I can't wait to share it with you.

During this time off I've travelled to Sydney to spend Christmas with the folks, my brother and sister and their families, drink their beer, and eat their food.

It was a great few days.

Then I travelled to spend time with my two little ones up north.

I didn't drink their beer as I don't drink when I am with them, plus I didn't eat their food as it's always me who pays.

I do always ask them if they have money and they always show me the moths flying out of their pockets.

That was the first two weeks of my break and the last week and a bit has been spent relaxing at home, sleeping in, washing the car, sleeping, eating chocolate, sleeping and catching up with great friends in Gladstone.

I feel very blessed to have such great people that I can call on anytime of the day and night just for a quick catch up.

That's what makes living here even more special.

Travelling around the town to see these people isn't a chore as it takes only five minutes to get anywhere, which I love.

Remember it's still the silly season in so many people's eyes so please take care on the roads.

If you are driving back this week please make sure you take it easy on the highway and use those Driver Reviver spots set up all along the stretch from Cairns to Sydney.

With only a few more sleeps 'til I jump back in the radio studio for the first time this year, it reminds me how special this job is.

Waking up before the birds start talking near the Gladstone Airport is not the easiest thing to do, but you get used to it and being a part of the early morning brigade of movers in Gladstone is certainly a privilege, which I don't take for granted.

I'm eager to get back in and play those tunes to start the workday and talk to so many of you as you get ready to tackle your respective day's activities at work or with the kids.

I'll see you next week and down at the marina for Australia Day next weekend! Come on Aussie!

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