Readers share strange food combinations that taste good

SOME may make you go mmm, and some will make you go hmm after The Observer readers shared their favourite strange food combinations.

We put the call out on Friday for people to share strange food combinations that actually taste good, and the suggestions came thick and fast.

Some suggestions sounded reasonable while others were an interesting mix of sweet and savoury.

Vegemite was a favourite to use with other ingredients, and banana also made a few appearances.

Maddie Condren said her kids loved Vegemite and banana sandwiches, while her husband loved stewed apples on toast.

Frank van Heerden loves celery and peanut butter, but has a friend who likes Vegemite on Tim Tams.

Holly Anne likes Vegemite, cream cheese and avocado, while Rachel Steele likes Vegemite with her mashed potato.

Here are some of the other combinations:

Cassandra Fisher: Smoked salmon, cottage cheese and cranberries.

Noelene Bauer: Vegemite, tomato and egg sandwich

Matt Ansell: Saveloys and banana.

Shaneen Ingra: Chicken shape biscuits with lemon pepper tuna.

Katie Brodie: Bacon, banana and melted cheese open grill.

Marnie Ella Patreece Machen: Soft serve with chips, cheese and gravy.

Jessica Williams: Barbecue chips and ice cream.

Alana Featherstone: Salt and vinegar chips with rice.

Angela Vogt: Fresh bread roll, butter, salt and fresh lemon.

Camilla Farnham Browning: Nutella and banana; tomato sauce on toast.

Daniel Lewis: Blue vein cheese on steak.

Bryanne Fleiner: Jam and cheese.

Angelina Taylor: Peanut butter, honey, banana and crushed pecan nuts either on toast or sandwich with fresh bread.

Diana Neary: Salami, peanut paste, banana and honey.

Lisa Newby: Barbecue chips and vanilla ice cream.

Steven White: Fish fingers and custard.

Tamara Rae: French fries, lemon and barbecue sauce; chicken Twisties and vanilla ice cream.

Kate Larson: Crystallised ginger and cream cheese.

Kim Slater: Peanut butter and beetroot sandwich.

Do you have a strange food combination that tastes good? Leave a comment or check out more contributions on our Facebook page here.

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