Readers have their say on best place for breakfast

AS Mother's Day approaches on Sunday, the important question of where the best place in Gladstone for breakfast is has been answered by Observer readers.

Responding to a Facebook post on The Observer page over the weekend, readers narrowly voted 'at home or in bed' as the best place to enjoy breakfast.

Charmaine Clark said home was the place to be, with bacon and eggs on toast with onion and sour cream.

"Don't knock it until you try it. It tastes better than anything else in town," she said.

Coming in at second place was Chattin Cafe in Goondoon St, followed by Coffee Club, Hungry Cow, Rocksalt, Tannum Sands Surf Lifesaving Club, Riverside Cafe, Outlook Cafe and Savour the Flavour at the Tondoon Botanic Gardens.

Also getting a mention were the Rocky Glen Hotel, Boyne Golf Club bistro and farmers' markets.

Breakfast is a popular option for those who like eating out because they don't have to get dressed up - and it's cheaper.

In Brisbane, the breakfast crowd is booming, with restaurant owners reporting queues outside on weekend.

Feed Me Now blogger Jessalyn Chan said social media had a big part to play in the breakfast success, as more and more people were taking photos of their meals on smartphones and posting them online.

"People are constantly drooling over each other's breakfast photos," Ms Chan said.

"I think this encourages people to plan and come out for breakfast for things they saw online through their friends."

Meanwhile, corporate breakfast meetings have replaced boozy lunches, letting business people get back to their desk by 8.30am. 

Where do you enjoy having breakfast in Gladstone? Have your say in our comments section or on our Facebook page.

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