Mary Grimshaw with huskies Angel and Demon who were put down by the council.
Mary Grimshaw with huskies Angel and Demon who were put down by the council.

Readers divided: Who's to blame for husky, chicken deaths?

READERS are divided over who was to blame after council destroyed two dogs who repeatedly escaped a Calliope property and on one occasion killed a local man's prized chickens.

Calliope residents Mary and Neal Grimshaw said they were pressured to surrender their huskies, Angel and Demon, to Gladstone Regional Council or face thousands in fines.

They were devastated to discover the dogs had been destroyed within 24 hours.

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These huskies and their grieving owners have paid a hefty price after the dogs managed to escape their Calliope home and kill some chickens:

Posted by The Observer on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Calliope man Eddie Joyce, whose chickens the dogs killed, said the council was right to euthanise domestic animals who attacked livestock.

One of his killed chickens was an extremely rare breed worth over $1000.

Most commenters on The Observer's website and social media pages considered the huskies' deaths a tragedy, but were divided over how the situation should have been avoided. 

Many readers also voiced sympathy for the man whose chickens were killed.

Some blamed council for acting too rashly, although council CEO Stuart Randle said the officers acted within the law.

>> HIS SIDE OF THE STORY: 'Those dogs should have been destroyed straight away'

This morning we shared the story of two huskies who were put down after escaping repeatedly and killing a Calliope man's...

Posted by The Observer on Wednesday, 11 November 2015

While the Grimshaws dug trenches and installed netting in an effort to contain the dogs, others said they should have taken further action including caging or chaining the huskies, and could have taken council's fines on the chin to keep their beloved pets. 

Some said chicken owners needed to make sure their birds were secure in dog-proof pens, and that almost any dog will chase and kill chickens. 

Tarnia Bultreys: I feel for the people with the chickens just the same as the lady that lost her dogs. Its horrible and traumatic to lose a pet in either of these ways, just think the council went about this the wrong way.

Tyson Kadel: I could easily say that quite alot of dogs that had a chance around chickens they would be the same unless having grown up around them most of my dogs have been soft natured but if there was a cat or something around they would go off its instinct for alot of them. Doesnt make them dangerous.

Johannes Noordermeer: So we have degenerated to, your pet killed my pet, so your pet deserves to die and in 24 hours mind you. The owners should have had enough time to at least move them or give them up. I understand that they probably couldn't have been taken by the RSPCA Adoption because of the incident but if we terminated every dog/cat that killed another animal, there wouldn't be many left.

Bec Levett: These dogs were not dangerous. They got punished for doing what nearly every other dog would do if they seen a chicken! They were the most loveable dogs I have met, other than my own, and I'm talking like annoying loveable where they have to lay on your lap 24/7 and constantly give you kisses on the cheek. Mary and Neil knew we would take them back if they were getting to difficult to look after, we were nothing but nice to them only to get it all thrown in our faces. Not even 2 weeks before this happened the registration of these dogs were still in my name, after Mary and Neil had the dogs for over 4 months they hadn't changed it over yet but unfortunately they did right before this happened.. She had a choice, they both did.

Awhina J Williams: If you had read the Calliope classifieds recently they weren't just chickens, they were prized and rare chickens that hadn't been bred in Australia for years. These dogs were constantly on classifieds as they were out wandering.

Dan Horton: Fair enough if a dog repeatedly gets out but if it is a once off I find it harsh but if people just looked after their pets correctly both of them would have been alive. if the dogs are in a secure yard they wouldn't have gotten out and if the chickens were in a pen they wouldn't have been killed. It's a sad situation that they have both died but when it comes down to it it's the owners responsibility! don't make the pets suffer because you aren't a responsible owner.

Lesh Rose: If that was the case the owners should have lost the pets and they be given to responsible ppl, given a chance, these innocent animals are just doin what comes natrual! Hunting!!!! if anyone is to blame it is their owners

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